Here's the Perfect Heifer for Target
Rare Mini Red Panda Heifer
Born: 5-23-2013
Sire: Sir Richard           Dam: Alexis
Ah-Hoy here's "Captain Kloe"
Mini-Panda Bull calf
Born: 2-4-2008
Sire: Cosmo           Dam: Tinkerbelle
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Miniature Hereford Bull calf
Sire: Mr. Leon              Dam: North Star
 "Donovan" - Ready to start your Herd
Mini Panda Bull calf
Born: 2-22-2007
Sire: Cosmo                Dam: Alexis  
"Target"  a very small Bull

Rare Mini Red Panda Bull Calf
Born: 6-4-2013
Sire:               Dam: Pandora
 "Cosmo" our
Born: 5-3-2003
Foundation Miniature Panda Bull
Sire: Rebel                  Dam: Violet
Dominique's Heifer "Clarabelle"
Born: 11-14-2013
Sire: Icy             Dam: Dominique
"Smiley" and "Dominique"
a breeding pair of Miniature Pandas
Sorry   -  Not for Sale
"Sweet Success"
Born: 10-10-2005
Sire: Cosmo                 Dam: Taffy
SOLD - Thank You Anne & Charlie Ganz
Sorry  - Not for Sale
Miniature  Cattle 
2014 brings some awesome calves
 "Mini Panda Heifers  start the year with  Joy
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"Peter the Great"
Miniature Panda Bull
Born:  7-17-2007
Sire: Cosmo                Dam:  Pumpkin
We are Contract Breeders for Happy Mountain Miniature Cattle Farm  
our Very Rare Registered Mini-Panda Cattle are Trade Marked.
see this Link for more information:
Miniature  Cattle 
We raise Registered Miniature Herefords and also
"Allanita Rawdy"
Miniature Hereford Bull Calf
Born: 3-8-2006
Sire: Kap Lil Red       Dam: Bergheim North Star
                             the Bull Calf of
                             Born: 2-3-2008
Please Welcome Red PBP Panda Bull Calf "Allen's Victory"
Born to Dusti on Father's 80th Birthday: 3-16-2008
of Lonesome Dove Exotics
Miniature Red Panda heifer
                         Sweet Success
North Star has another Hereford Heifer - This little Gal we call "Baby Fay" born this morning  April 19, 2008
Sire:  Mr. Leon           Dam: Bergheim North Star
 North Star             Leon

Thank You Chris and Mariah Jesson            of Loveland Colorado
Ya'll Be Sure to Watch for a calf coming soon
from Dominique and Smiley
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Baby Fay
Baby Fay
After the Drought of Summer
Our Herefords 
Reap the benefits of RAIN
 So Here's he is...

  Brand New Bull 



Same Day a 2 nd Calf was born - a Little Heifer Playmate for Leo - 
Leo and Kerri
Look  At  "Little Leo"
Born; 10-21-2008
Miniature Panda Bull Calf
Sire:  Smiley              Dam:  Dominique
Bull Calftext.
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Bull Calf
2-8-2009d text.
Alexis' Bull      Calf
"Rio Red"
1-1-2009 New Years Day
 Meanwhile...Our Herefords have been busy
Mama Cassie had her calf  11-21-2008...a Little Bull...and
Cassie's Daughter Kati-Lynn had her first calf - a tiny bull calf   11-23-2008  making Cassie a new Mama AND a new Gramma just two days later.....................What a        Grand Thanksgiving for the Miniature Herefords !
Bull Calf
Bull Calf - Rawdy's Rebel
Calves with Companion Calves are a Joy to See Romping in        the field together.  Showing off and daring one another.
Leon's  Legacy
Victory has the Most Wonderful New Home
In Florida at The Harmony Institute - a Community which Promotes Human Health through Human - Animal - Nature interaction.  Victory is the School's Athletic Mascot
We Thank You Martha Lentz for this Great Opportunity

"Daisy Lou"  Cutest Cookie Ever
Miniature American Beltie Heifer
Sire:  Oreo                    Dam: Taffy
Born:  11-23-2013
Miniature Hereford Heifer Calf 
Born:  8-4-2014
Sire: Rawdy         Dam: Ruthie
this Cutie is "Cookies 'N Cream"
Miniature Panda Heifer
Born:  10-10-2009
Sire:  Cosmo            Dam: Misty (Hereford)
Oreo found that the Donkeys are Fun to Chase:
in fact - there's Plenty Playmates around here
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Oreo messin' with Donkeys
These Calves are so soft and cuddly.  Some come for the Bottle and some come to be scratched and rubbed on
Oreo follows Cookies 'N Cream
Clairabelle with Icy
"Clairabelle" - a Cozy Cuddler
Miniature American Beltie Bull Calf

Born:  12-9-2009
Dam:  Tinkerbelle
"Icy" - Not as Cold as he Sounds

Born on the Frozen Tundra: 1-10-2010
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Miniature Panda Bull Calf - MCBR # 5254
Sire:  Smiley            Dam: Tiny Taffy
Icy is Bottle fed and a Teddy Bear in your Arms.  Mom  Mastitis
Tinker's Toy - PBP Panda Bull
Born:  2-14-2014
Dam:  Tinkerbelle
Sire: Icy
Sire:  Smiley
Little "Lost" Lola - Hereford Heifer

     She rolled under Nursery Fence to main pasture sleeping between two freshly cut logs.
Dam:  Baby Fay - now "Mama Fay"
Sire:  Rawdy
"Abe Lincoln" a Buddy to play with George
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Miniature Hereford Bull Calf
Born:  3-7-2014
Sire:  Rawdy           Dam:  North Star
Miniature Panda Heifer

​Thank You Alexis Sinclair for Importing this Rare Red Panda pair to Panama
Born:  3-4-2015
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AHA # 43263467
"Dually" the Double Dotted Bull
      Miniature Panda Bull  MCBR #5463
       DOB:  4-9-2014
       Sire:  Icy         Dam: Alexis
Misty's "Mountain Top"
        Miniature Hereford Bull
        DOB:  4-6-2013
        Sire: Mr. Leon        Dam:  Misty
An American "Tribute"  to 9-11
        Miniature Hereford Bull Calf
        DOB:  9-11-2013
        Sire:  Leon            Dam:  Ruthie
Tiny Taffy
Our Bluebonnet Baby Bull
      Miniature Panda - incomplete Belt
        Born:  4-22-2014
        Sire:                  Dame: Pandora
"Bob the Bull"  will bounce into your Heart
      Mini-Panda Bull calf
       Born:  11-29-2014
       Sire:  Icy              Dam: Belle

Belle with her Shadow (Heifer)
Annie Mae & Dually
Summertime Fun
This Heifer was having trouble with her first calf
so we loaded her for a trip to the Vet
Head was stuck so C-Sectioned ordered
And this Sweet little Bull Calf emerged.
Here is Joy as her calf makes his first Stand.
Deember 9, 2014

SOLD to SEC - Thank You Benders
SOLD to SEC - Thank You Benders
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"Magnolia"  a Bright Spring Bloom
​     Miniature Panda Heifer
     Born:  3-22-2014
     Dam:  Anabelle
     Sire:  Icy
"John Wayne" Joy's C-Sectioned Bull

​DOB:  12-9-2014
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Dam:  Joy
Sire:  Icy